Old stationary engine auction – Plus shearing plants of all types - shaft and portable. Windmill – Lathe – Milling machine – Pedestal drill – Bearing press – Quantity of large drill bits – Old butter churn – Old separator – Loads of spares and sundries – Over 60 stationary engines (most engines run).

Starting 11:00am on 7th March 2020
15 Camm Street, Corrigin WA 6375

Items List:

Lister 6 HP CS S/S Tank, Gen Lister base on wheels, Mark 25 Villiers, S/L Lister – Reverse run, SHP Lister SLI, Cooper 3.5 Diesel with switch board, 2 HP Lister D Mallock Bros base, Wasp motor, Lister LR 3.5 HP, Lister D – Big flywheel 2HP, Lister LD 3.5 HP, Lister SL2 7.5 HP with Gen unf thread, Lister SR2 12 HP, Antique power hacksaw, YB Southern Cross 4 HP, Southern Cross motor – 3 HP EFD, Sunbeam XD 4HP, Duetz 4 CYC 50 HP, Southern cross 6 HP EFE, Briggs + Stratton 8 HP, Villiers mark 40, 2x 32 Volt Generators, Chinese PH Petter 6HP, 16 HP Petter PH2, SL Lister 3.5, Reserve 8HP Ruston, Lister LD 5 HP, Lister 6 HP ET, Southern cross 3.5HP ET, McCormick motor 4 HP Petrol Kero, Valve facing unit Warren Brown, Bench Grinder 32V, Gen - Starter motor Dodge 4, 3.5 HP Lister, AJAX hand pump, XC cooper 32 Volt 3HP, XD cooper engineering 4HP, AKB Southern Cross 1935, SR 3cyc Lister Dunlite Base, Lister separator, Wooden butter churn, 5 stand overhead No. Moffat virture shearing unit, Villiers – Moffat virtue jetting pump, B2 Peters with 32 volt welder 20 HP water cooled diesel, Cooper D/Sided grinding machine, Tin crimping machine, Grinder red, 2 stone bottles Cummins Smith MT LYAL, 2 Double ended grinder, 1920 Woodley wheel WO, Lister D/End grinder, Sunbeam D/End grinder, Villiers with Ajax pump, Tandem trailer cooper motor XD O/H Gear 1957 Shearing show trailer, Lister D with Radiator 32-volt DC, Petter WI W/Cooled, Sunbeam, grinder, Ronaldson tippet 2HP petrol, Wooden shearers handpiece tool box, 4 extra hand pieces, 1940 SFT Alston windmill working order, 30T Hydraulic press server, Sony milling machine – with accessories electronic measuring, 3PH – Conversion – Single phase to 3 phases, Indexing head on trolley, 1200 Lathe – 8, Drill press, Drill charts etc, 8inch bench grinder, Glass washer, Assorted drills, Motor hoist 1 ton with chain block, Grinder buffer, Cut-off saw Makita, Hitachi cut off saw, Vice on stand, Work bench – welding, 900kg hydraulic hoist ute mounted, Pallet jack 2 tonne, Pipe bender 1/2 to 2, Lister dun lite genset, Lister HR 3cyc 25KVA, Assorted shearing parts, Handmade sunbeam + grinder, 32V Sunbeam shearing head + another 32V, Petter AVI – Water cooled diesel, 3.5 HP Ronaldson tippet diesel, 4HP Ronaldson tippet, Governess motor, 8HP CF Ronaldson tippet 32 Volt generator switchboards, 32V – 240 Rotary inverter, Dumpy level, Switch boards 31V, Cooper S/S Shearing plant, Villers MK 12 with jack pump, Books/Manuals, Electric tools, Fittings – nut + bolts, Pneumatic fittings large assortment, Brass fittings, Hydraulic fittings, 10 tonne wheel puller hydraulic, Makita reciprocating saw, Large assortment sundries, Singer sewing machine 1926 with owners’ book, ¾ drive socket set metric imperial, Makita hammer drill to 30mm, 2x Caterpillar tool boxes, 1x Tool box full of tap dies metric, imp, white, 1x Myers 9 stroke jack pump, 1x Fuel tank 1200 long 600 wide 460 deep, 4 Stand lister shearing unit shaft driven. 

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