Clearing Sale Auction

10:00am (SA Time), Friday 29th November 2019.
18133 Dukes Highway,
Bordertown, South Australia.

Tractors, Crawlers and Farm Machinery

Tractors & Tractor Parts: Farmall A; Farmall H mower; Farmall M mower; Farmall M; W4 mower; A056; AW6; W9; W40; Farmall McCormick WK40; Chamberlain 40K; Chamberlain 9G; Chamberlain 9G fork; Fordson Major; Ford 4000; Fordson Farm-Right loader posthole digger; Ford 8700; Caterpillar 22; Caterpillar 30; Caterpillar D2 3J; Caterpillar D2 4U water pump; Caterpillar D2 5U; Caterpillar D4 6U; Caterpillar D6 2H; Caterpillar D6 8U blade; Fowler VF; John Deere D; Oliver 70; Oliver 90.

Machinery: New Holland bale 275; New Holland hay loader; McCormick hay loader; McCormick baler B45; McCormick harvester b64; McCormick plough
3 mouldboard; Ford plough 3 mouldboard; McCormick hay rake GL100 (x2).

General Equipment: Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Galvanised 44 Gal drums, Auger brace and bits, sawn timber (Coachwood, Rosewood and cedar), Corrugated Iron (100+ sheets), Bag Trolleys, Bed Frames, Branding irons, Paul Harris 0428 600 510 Wayne Jenkyn 0428 293 556 ARMIDALE 6775 4500 Diamond Saw for rocks and gems, Cinema Seating, Galv Bath Tub, Meat Saws, Savage Boat with new 5HP Tahoatsu motor.

Trucks: 1971 Dodge truck 5 ton; 1946 Bedford OL 4 ton.

Plus: workshop full of tools and other numerous items.

 There will be an engine start up from 9am until
the beginning of the sale, and lunch
will be available.

Brenton Henriks (02) 8752 1011

Elders Bordertown Office: (08) 87521011