A/C of AD & KE Revell & D & H Revell

Saturday 12th October 2019,
Commencing at 10.00am.

‘Jungaburra’, 1121 Spring Plains Rd, Narrabri NSW 2390

Antiques & Collectables:

Portable Steam Engines: Foden road locomotive, 2 speed (circa 1900), used to pull wheat Bourke to SA; Fowley steam driven twin cylinder roller, ex Toowoomba Council (circa 1920); Stanley steam Roadster car; Shand Mason fire engine (first fire engine built after great fire of London); Brown & May 2HP (circa 1910); 2x R Hornsby & Sons (circa 1880); Marshall (circa 1880); Marshall (circa 1910); Clayton & Shuttleworth 8HP (circa 1920); Barrows & Co. 8HP (circa 1905); Ruston Proctor 6HP (circa 1905-1910); Marshall 10HP (circa 1915); Clayton & Shuttleworth 8HP (circa 1915); Marshall 6HP (circa 1905); Marshall 25HP, ex BHP; Case 10HP; Marshall 8HP.

Stationary Steam Driven & Combustion Motors:

R Hornsby & Sons combustion engine, 40HP (Townsville water supply); Robey horizontal steam engine, single cyl, 25HP (circa 1910); 4x Tangye stationary motors; Triumph stationary motor; Tangye portable combustion engine, 30HP (circa 1915); Austral combustion engine (circa 1910); Lister stationary motor; Wolseley stationary motor & boiler; Worthington steam pump; Knowles steam pump; Crossley Bros. stationary motor; 10” & 8” hot air engines; Firebanks Morse & Co. stationary motor; International stationary motor; Buzzacott stationary motor; Anderson NZ stationary motor; Imperial diesel motors; early Lister motor; Moffatt-Virtue stationary motor; McDonald Super diesel motor; single cyl steam engine (marine use); Nagle vertical steam engine; Amos & Smith double acting water pumps; Tangye twin cyl steam water pump; Tangye horizontal steam engine, used in Namoi River (circa 1878).

Antique Tractors, Farm Implements & Sundries:

Munktell 2 cyl two stroke tractor with original steel wheels; MM Twin City tractor; Field Marshall tractor; Case L tractor; cross engine Case tractor; John Deere AR tractor; International Farmall A tractor; Allis-Chalmers tractor; Clayton & Shuttleworth thresher with straw & grain  elevator (circa 1900); Clayton & Shuttleworth horse drawn living van; Ransomes Sims & Jefferies thresher (circa 1900); Hornsby thresher (early Victorian – circa 1850); restored Heebner & Sons Pennsylvania thresher (circa 1912); John Beam horse drawn orchard sprayer; Cliff & Bunting chaff cutter (ex Goonoo Goonoo Station); Sunshine stooker; grain winnower; Ohio 11 corn husker; German seed cleaner; 2x Australian seed cleaners; Diamond Goldfields drilling rig with single cyl reversing steam engine; portable shearing plant; Southern Cross pump jack; HV McKay Stump Jump mouldboard plough; International multiple trailer; various timber jinker axles & wheels; Tumbling Tommy; Lanz Bulldog chassis; steel wheels; Ferguson TEA 20 parts & Beam truck wheels; Munktell tractor spares.

‘Jungaburra’ is approx. 40km west of Narrabri via the Kamilaroi Highway & Spring Plains Road. Follow the signs. Catering courtesy of the Wee Waa Rotary Club. Number system in operation – Identification will be required. Terms: cash, approved cheque or EFTPOS. No Buyers Premium, NO GST on Antique Machinery.

Paul Thomas 0429 921 599
James Thomas 0418 975 048 james.thomas@landmarkharcourts.com.au

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